El Gran Combo

El Gran Combo

National Palace of Culture, Hall 1

The salsa legends

October (Thursday) 2018, 20:00h Hall 1, "National Palace of Culture"

The legends from Puerto Rico El Gran Combo will visit Bulgaria in October 2018, with an amazing show!

El Gran Combo are a salsa group from Puerto Rico with a 56-year career! The group is considered as one of the most successful and popular salsa bands all over Latin America, USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and China.

Formed in 1962 by Rafael Ithier, El Gran Combo become popular worldwide with their incredible performances and latin rhythms. The founder, Rafael Ithier, is not only a pianist but also a conductor and musical director. Despite being 92-year old, the musician is still part of El Gran Combo and the only remaining members from the band's original lineup.

El Gran Combo are really successful – with concerts all over the world, the formation is considered as “the most popular salsa group, ever existed”! Songs as "Un Verano en Nueva York", " Eliminación de Feos", "Brujería", "La Muerte", "Azuquita pa' el café" and "La Fiesta de Pilito" are only part of the magnificent music, created by the artists from San Juan, during their glorious career! In 2012 the group celebrates their 50-years anniversary, and releases the album "El Gran Combo 50 Aniversario Vol. 1", which is Grammy-nominated.

Luckily, the musicians from El Gran Combo will visit Bulgaria! The fans of the group and their music will have the opportunity to enjoy their amazing show on 4th October, in Hall 1 in the National Palace of Culture.




The tickets for the EL GRAN COMBO concert will be аt prices  from 40 to 90 leva

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 18th   June (Monday) 2018 at 10:00h